Fusion Belly Dance

IMG_6059American Fusion Belly Dance is a unique blend of traditional middle eastern belly dance moves with strong skills from other dance forms blended in. Molly discovered her love of belly dance in 2001 and began Fusion Belly Dance in 2007.

Molly has trained with Rachel Brice in her Datura style belly dance through level 2 and plans to finish the program in 2019. Molly has performed all over the Midwest at  various events and a multitude of venues. Her dancing has been featured in the Indianapolis Star, Muncie Star Press and many other publications.

Molly’s professional performances are an eclectic mix of fast to slow dance and a celebration of music in physical form that uses emotion to transport the audience with an ambience unmatched by any other dance performer. Molly’s unique training in yoga and her history of fire performance compliment her dance training to create a fusion experience like no other.

Teaching the Dance

Teaching dance is a symbiotic sharing of mutual inspiration for Molly. She believes that dance leads others to a higher awareness of themselves while bringing her to a deeper awareness of herself. Molly feels an emotional bond to her students and uses her training, passion, and inspiration to help women receive the confidence to live their lives without boundaries and limitations by creating an environment of body acceptance and capability to women of all sizes and skill levels.

Molly understands the value of her student’s personal dance journeys. When she began her own path into dance she was overweight and seeking a low impact exercise to raise her metabolism that would also be gentle on her knees. Molly was inspired by groups of women dancing around fires at summer festivals to learn more about belly dance. Along the way she discovered the work of Rachel Brice, Zoe Jakes and Mardi Love and was inspired to become a Fusion style dancer.

For students that are more experienced belly dancers Molly’s yoga training helps her to focus on making moves more slinky and juicy. She is a technique-driven teacher whose interest lies in the careful refinement of each move and isolation so that her students can achieve a deeper and more powerful expression of themselves through movement. She loves helping dancers transition into confident solo work.