Priestess of the Flame

Molly WyldFyre is a pioneer of fire performance in the Midwest. She was a founder and the manager of the Stinkee Beetle Tribe fire performance group and has trained many current professional fire performers over the years. She continues to burn new pathways for fire artists in the United States by mingling American Fusion Belly Dance into her performances to make a unique dance experience that has to be seen to be believed.

She has been interviewed by WTIU PBS, the Indianapolis Star, the Bloomington Herald-Times, the Muncie Star Press, and has graced the cover of NUVO magazine. Molly has performed throughout the region, including venues such as the Zionsville performing arts center in the 2013 performance of Carmina Burana with Encore Vocal Arts, Bakers Life fieldhouse and Indy summer stages where she performed with Wide Spread Panic, The Roots and Deborah Harry.

When Molly WyldFyre first began fire performance there were no teachers in the region and there was little information available on the internet about the art form. Therefore, Molly was mostly self taught. She taught poi workshops throughout the Midwest to teach others how to “spin fire” and soon fire performance caught on like, well, wildfire!

Molly continues to be a leader in the teaching and development of fire performance. In private classes She helps students find a fire performance tool that expresses their inner flame and also works with their abilities. Molly is currently working to facilitate bringing fire performance to a new level of artistry beyond its current novelty and into a place where it can be appreciated alongside other forms of dance.

Burning With Talent!

One of the most exceptional pieces of Molly WyldFyre’s art is her incredible versatility. She performs with many different fire tools, all of which she makes herself, along with her costumes. The fire performance tools Molly WyldFyre uses are:

  • Poi
  • Staff
  • Double baton
  • Fans
  • Claws
  • Sword
  • Dragon’s Breath
  • Candles
  • Palm Torches
  • Snakes

Molly’s unique abilities lend themselves perfectly to festivals, live bands, parties, corporate events, weddings, and luaus. She also offers classes to people of all ages and skill levels.

Molly WyldFyre dances with fire because at her core, Molly WyldFyre is fire: strong, passionate, powerful, radiant, renewing, warm, and commanding of respect. Fire ignites us to go deeper within ourselves and reminds us that there is always something more to consume to learn something new. Watching the mastery of movement within a swirl of flame inspires us to ignite a spark within ourselves. Molly’s love for her art shines through in every gesture, spin and sway. A consummate performer, her sensual shows bring fire and dance together like nothing you have never experienced before, and her popularity is still growing. She is truly a “Priestess of the Flame”.